About Us

Sharing My Love for Elegance

I started this boutique in hopes that I’d be able to provide high-quality, classy jewelry at affordable prices just as my grandmother did 40 years ago.

My grandmother, who came to this country 49 years ago with 4 small children started selling jewelry door to door to make a little extra money for the household to help my grandfather.

When I was 5, she started taking me with her to sell her jewelry. I was a little girl falling in love with all things sparkly!

Her passion for jewelry carried on…

I ABSOLUTELY love jewelry. For me, it harnesses a power that knows no limits.

I love its beauty and the ability it has to uplift spirits and bring joy to people.

20 years after, I decided I wanted to share this with my grandmother and continue her passion so here I am… sharing these beautiful pieces with the world!

So thank you for being here!

Samantha Jade


About Our Company

At James Jewelry Boutique, we feel accessorizing heightens a person’s look and the way they feel. Whether it’s dramatic, romantic, whimsical or just bold, it makes a statement!

We feel fashion and accessorizing should be affordable without sacrificing quality. Our team reviews numerous designs, in search of providing our customers with stunning, fashionable pieces at great prices.

We invite you, to browse through our collection and allow our pieces to be a part of your everyday.

Only the Best

Quality Delivered

Our mission is to empower our clients and promote happiness, by offering quality statement pieces.

At James Jewelry Boutique, we:
… are customer oriented in everything we do.
… believe in offering quality products at affordable prices.
… believe our responsibility is to our customers and their satisfaction with every interaction with our company.
… promise to handle every aspect of our company with integrity and a high level of professionalism.